TE-SD2 Thermo Walkthrough Metal Detector

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Full Digital Walkthrough Metal Detector (Thermo detection)

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Brand Name Techik
Name Full Digital Walkthrough Metal Detector (Thermo detection)
Model TE-SD2
Components Infrared camera  

metal detector

Technology Infrared temperature measurement  

Metal detection

Power Supply AC100-240/47.5-60Hz
Detecting Zone 1,8,16,24 adjustable detecting zones
Alarm Mode Visual and audible alarm
Machine Sensitivity 0~300 level (adjustable)
Working Frequency Up to 100 ,anti-interference
Temperature Accuracy  ±0.5
Thermo Camera 7.8mm Lens,
Memory Mode SD card
Power Consumption <15W, 220v/50/60Hz
Weight About 65kg
Through Rate Up to100 persons/per minute
Work Environment -20°C~+55°C
Door Size 2220mm (H) *590mm (W)*820mm (D)
Tunnel Size 2000mm (H) *700mm (W)
Key Features 1) Power on self test &fault display

2) Extremely high sensitivity to almost all metals (including strong-magnetic metal and weak-magnetic metal)

3) Exceptional immunity to environmental interferences

4) High reliability

5) Rapid installation

6) Password protection

7) Dust &water protection

8) Temperature alarm

9) Harmless to cardiac pacemaker wearers,pregnant women and magnetic media etc.

10) Thermo detection embed into metal detector

11) Inbuilt Sound–alarm function

12) Customized setting to suit for various location use, airport, factory, building, etc.

13) Stable software to keep the temperature accurate

Lead Time Within One Week
Packing Size 3200(L)*800(W)*600(D)mm , 80kg
Certificates CE; ISO Standard

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Walk-through metal detector in events

Walk-through metal detector in events

Walk-through metal detector in events

Walk-through metal detector in Temple

Walk-through metal detector in events

X-ray baggage scanner and Walk-through metal detector at the Historic site

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