X-ray parcel box scanner in logistic industry

The priority of X-ray inspection system in logistic Industry

Recently ,a news created sensation in China—some famous logistic enterprise set a fabric model as the operator for X-ray baggage scanner.0

What a ugly act must be punished by Chinese government.

As we known, it is prior of X-ray inspection for parcel and box in logistic industry .The X-ray baggage scanner will check the forbidden parts , such as explosives , dangerous weapon and any other unexpected objects.


Techik TE-XS5030 parcel X-ray scanner and TE-XS100100 x-ray big box and luggage scanner is created for logistic industry.




Also we make a new built-in X-ray parcel &box scanner with existing logistic processing line—-TE-XS140100 lifting X-ray scanner . This machine can be lift on the processing line directly while it is no need with extra housing system.


TE-XS140100 lifted X-ray baggage scanner

Post time: Jul-27-2020