Accessory function

1,Energy-saving functionKey-wordenergy-saving

Environment-friendly products are popularFor most locations, such as hotel, building etc, the belt only runs when baggage comes by way of an energy-saving device.

Accessories:energy-saving device

2,Monitor functionKey-words, camera, monitor

Monitor system can record the real-time affairs for trace. Most used in public place.

Accessories:Audible & visible monitor system

3, Radiation control systemkeywordsradiation control

Radiation control system can record real-time radiation leakage, when data is over safety , the machine will alarm. Most used in Public place and crowded place

AccessoriesRadiation control system

4, Warning system keywords: Louder speakerLED display

LED display and louder speaker catch attention of passenger for inspection. Most used in Public place and crowded place

AccessoriesLouder speaker, LED display

5,Barcode scanning systemkey-wordbarcode scanning

Combination with Logistic system, Package information is recorded and traced . Most used in Logistic system.

Accessoriesbarcode scanning system

6, Central control systemkeywords: work station

To use multi-displays with central control software , Central control of multi devices is achieved in work station.  Most used in airport ,transportation system, customs and military.

Accessories: central control system

7, Weighing systemkeywordsweigh

To show approximate weigh of goods in the display Most used in transportation system, customs and logistic system

Accessoriesweighing system.

8, Remote controlkeywordsnetworkremote control

To operate the machine by way of remote control , also set parameters and shoot troubles. Recommended as option.

AccessoriesNetwork platform

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