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On March 25th 2015, International Skating unio World Figure Skating Championships opened in Shanghai Oriental sports center. This is the first time since the event founded in Petersburg, Russia in 1896.This opening ceremony which themed "ice and karma" stri ved forsplendid briefness and fully passionate performance figure on the ice. More than 160 players came from 23 countries, such as C hina, Russia, the United States, will enter into rivalry in the next four days for the medals of men's singles, women's singles, doubles an d ice dancing for four. And there is no doubt a wonderful “Frozen”for the audience. As the public security suppler for this big event what we focus on beyond the ceremony itself is the quality of our products, speciality of our staff when dealing with the danger and promise to prevent any risk from the competition.

Leader inspecting to ensure that security equipment and personnel in place:

Public security site:

Add:No.145 East Huazhan Rd, Xuhui district, Shanghai, China, PRC